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Daniel Haileleul – The comeback baller of Addis

By Mary Mulugeta Asseratte Standing at six feet with his short-bob dread hairstyle tied up and one of the biggest smiles, Daniel “Danny” Haileleul ex-student-turned head/assistant coach to Coach Carlos was standing by the entrance.

My North Korean odyssey

While it is not normally necessary to base a travel plan on whether or not you agree with the government in power, North Korea is an exception.

Reclaiming identity through dance

From near-extermination, expropriation of their land, dispossession of their culture and languages to their stereotyping by the mainstream society and misuse of their tribal names and symbols, the indigenous inhabitants of North America have been through it all.

The return of Damian

Two-time Grammy Award winner Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, son of Bob and music star in his own right, performed in front of thousands of fans at Ghion Hotel on Tuesday.

Movies under the stars: Addis’s outdoor cinema

It has indeed come a long way. When first introduced, cinema was such a novelty for residents of Addis who associated it with the Evil One, so much so that the very first movie theater was referred to as “the Devil’s House”.