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Like father, like son

The self-proclaimed ‘spiritual revolutionary’, and the son of legendary musician, Bob Marley, Damian, has worked assiduously to carve his own niche in music history and to add a new perspective to the Marley legacy for the 21st century.

The ever-rising toll of accidents

It is only true to say that the haphazard manner with which neighborhoods and road networks were historically laid out in Addis Ababa has made the work of emergency response teams difficult, thereby worsening the toll in the aftermath of accidents.

Gumma best actress winner attributes glory to team

“This Gumma I received is not just mine, but is to be extended to all the people that have nurtured me and helped in my transition as an artist,” Edelwork Tassew, newly minted Gumma award recipient for best actress, told The Reporter. “I am blessed to work in an industry that is growing and producing talented film professionals.”

Who decides on parenting?

Gender issues, particularly the rights of women to a fair share in the distribution of social roles and responsibilities, has been on the national and global agenda for many years now.