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Steel industry in sluggish mode

In a bid to establish a comprehensive national policy framework, a new study by the Ethiopian Policy Study and Research Center has reveal that the Ethiopian steel industry is growing with little impact on the national income.

Transport authority cancels bid

The Federal Transport Authority (FTA) is about to cancel a multi-million birr purchase bid after finding out that it was a duplication of a project being undertaken by the Addis Ababa City Administration with a USD 300 million line of credit secured from the World Bank, sources close to the bidding process told The Reporter.

Turkey set to negotiate trade with Ethiopia next week

As a following up to the recently held joint economic cooperation meeting between Turkish and the Ethiopian officials late in December, Turkey says it is set to initiate trade and investment negotiations with Ethiopia. The negotiations are scheduled to be held next week in Ankara.

New chocolatier to launch coffee, teff varieties

Haredo LLC, a shareholding company, is planting a chocolate processing factory at a cost of 110 million birr in Ethiopia and is planning to produce coffee and teff varieties destined for local and foreign markets.