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ERCA issues deadline for unclaimed cargo

The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) issued a 10-day deadline on Monday for importers, who have unclaimed cargoes at the three dry port facilities, to settle all outstanding fees with the authority and claim their properties.

Negeri: No penny for upcoming celebrations

Despite a number of social media campaigns over the recent announcement by the Ethiopian government to hold a 10-day celebration and speculation over monetary outlays that it would potentially entail, Negeri Lencho, head of government communications affairs office, told The Reporter today that neither his office nor any other government agency would spend any money to celebrate the events.  

Justice Information system project freezes

A multi-million dollar project to digitalize the country’s justice infrastructure— the National Integrated Justice Information System— is on hold two months after the opening of the financial proposal of the competing bidders.

Homebuyers call for PM intervention

Homebuyers with the Addis Prefab Manufacturing Industries Plc. called for intervention from the Office of the Prime Minister.

In a letter dated August 27, 2017, homebuyers aired grievance over undue delays to build houses, and asked for remedy for their plight. They also stressed that if they did not hear from authorities soon enough, they would stage a demonstration on September 5, 2017.

Steely leads pack in half billion steel supply

Steely RMI Plc, a noted local steel bar manufacturing company, has progressed to the financial evaluation stages for the supply of 50,084 tones of reinforcement bars for public housing projects in Addis Ababa.

The purchase could cost the city up to half a billion birr.

Rising trademark debacle

At global level the issue of intellectual property right or particularly trademark is an essential issue at the international business arena. Specially, over the couple of few years a battle over the trademarks between firms in USA and China has been a trending issue. Closer to home, the issue is actively pursued by the Intellectual Property Rights but when it comes to enforcement, the Office sees limitations its power.