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A rare activity

Ethiopia is a country of different colors and that was manifested this week when a protest was staged in the capital Addis Ababa.

US says committed to resolving Ethio- Eritrean standoffs

While briefing journalists about the “African Union High Level Dialogue and Ministerial,” a meeting the United States facilitated since 2000 to learn the concerns and needs of African leaders, Ambassador Donald Yamamoto, acting assistant secretary for African affairs, said early this week that the US is working to resolve the tense border dispute between Ethiopia and Eretria and the resulting 18-year standoff between the two countries.

Oldest malt factory up for sale

The Ministry of Public Enterprises over the week issued a public bid for the sale of the Assela Malt Factory SC, the oldest malt-producing plant in the country that supplies over 75 percent of the input to seven local breweries. Crown Cork and Can Manufacturing SC, in which the state owns three-quarters share, is another entity put on the market.

City rebids billion birr steel procurement

The Addis Ababa Public Procurement and Property Disposal Agency has finally decided to rebid the billion birr rebar purchase after months of back and forth with the company that was awarded the supply contract pursuant to the outcome of the previous bid process.  

Trump to lift ban on importation of elephant trophies

The new United States Fish and Wildlife Service under President Donald Trump is set to allow the killings of the dwindling African elephants, classified threatened under the US Endangered Species Act, for sports and for the importation of their body parts to the United States.

World Bank commits USD 4.7 bln to Ethiopia

Says devaluation produced insignificant upswing in prices Aligning its development intervention with that of the Government of Ethiopia, the World Bank Group (WBG) has unveiled a USD 4.7 billion financing for Ethiopia’s economic development programs for the coming four years, on Thursday.

Health oriented channel to come to the small screen

The Ethiopian TV industry is expanding, as a new TV station is entering the market focused on public health. Afri Health Television, a Dubai-based station inaugurated its Ethiopian hub in the capital on November 16 at Sheraton Addis in the presence of government officials, the diplomatic core and health professionals.