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Somali-Oromia conflict persists despite federal intervention

PM disappointed by Somali Region’s statement As Prime Minister Hailemaraim Dessalegn is trying to sort out the confrontation between the Somali and Oromia Regional States, the Somali Region Communications Bureau over the week issued a statement accusing the Oromia Regional State of proceeding forcibly with land expansion in view of finding access to neighboring sea ports such as those in Somaliland and Somalia for alleged subversive reason against the federation. 

Blue to sue city administration

Appeals to the PM and the Mayor Semayawi Party a.k.a. Blue Party (Blue) is finalizing all the necessary documents and evidences to sue the Addis Ababa City Administration because the latter halted the party’s plan to organize a public demonstration at Meskel Square tomorrow morning, Getaneh Balcha, Deputy Chairperson of the Party told The Reporter.

Court continues to release suspects arrested on corruption charges

Prosecutors of the Federal Attorney General facilitated the release of Samson Wondimu and Bekele Balcha - suspects in the high-profile corruption case - from the Ethiopian Roads Authority. Apparently, the two suspects were released without the knowledge of the Court and the court has opposed this serious breach in the due process.

Protest-filled Irreecha concludes peacefully

The annual Irreecha festival aka the Oromo thanksgiving was celebrated today in the town of Bishoftu and was concluded peacefully notwithstanding the widespread political protest and opposition among the crowd gathered to partake in the celebration.

A year after the tragedy: what has changed?

One of the most tragic incidents in recent memory happened at the Ireecha festival in Bishoftu, Oromia Regional State last year. At least 50 people died in a stampede after security forces fired tear gas at protestors.

New US ambassador takes office

The newly minted United States ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Raynor, arrived in the capital yesterday from Washington DC flying via Ethiopian Airlines.  The embassy released a pre-recorded video on social media as an introduction of the head of its diplomatic delegations.

Ministry unveils USD six bln climate change adaptation plan

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) unveiled an ambitious fifteen-year National Adaptation Plan (NAP-ETH) that would require resources worth an estimated USD six billion annually to address the adverse impact of climate change in Ethiopia.

Bleaker than ever

The recent border conflict between the Oromia and Somali Region States has dominated news headlines in Ethiopia in the past month. The conflict resulted in the tragic loss of life and properties from both sides of the ill-fated border.