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The biking diplomat

Mette Thygesen, the Danish ambassador to Ethiopia and several regional nations uses unconventional ways to engage with her followers on Twitter. In her second year in Ethiopia, she has used her social media platform to champion causes that are of mutual interest to her nation and Ethiopia.

Health oriented channel to come to the small screen

The Ethiopian TV industry is expanding, as a new TV station is entering the market focused on public health. Afri Health Television, a Dubai-based station inaugurated its Ethiopian hub in the capital on November 16 at Sheraton Addis in the presence of government officials, the diplomatic core and health professionals.

Placing peace at the center

Since its formation, Life & Peace Institute (LPI) has carried out programs for conflict transformation in a variety of countries, conducted research, and produced numerous publications on nonviolent conflict transformation and the role of religion in conflict and peace building.

Disgruntled employees accuse Saudi embassy of ill treatment

Five longtime former employees of the Saudi Embassy, previously stationed in the security unit in the capital, are accusing the mission of ill treatment and withholding their severance payment, including their last month’s salary of employment after serving in the compounds of the embassy for 25 years.

Anxiety looms over missing German architect

A month after prominent German architect and long-time resident of Ethiopia, Dirk Donath went missing, colleagues, friends and the Germany embassy in the capital are struggling to explain what happened to him. 

Ethiopia’s first tobacco survey reveals alarming trend

Bahir Dar bans Khat By Yonas Abiye and Dawit Endeshaw In the wake of international tobacco companies’ vying to gain a foothold in the Ethiopian tobacco market, a new survey released on Wednesday revealed that there are around 3.7 million tobacco users and 2.9 million adult cigarette smokers in the country.

Victims of stadium fire claim they were abandoned

Various families of victims of a fire that started at the site of the Adey Abeba Stadium are coming forward accusing the management of ill treatment of their loved ones as they recover in various locations throughout the nation.

Women on the pedestal

Five women will be honored with the Women’s of Excellence Awards at Sheraton Addis tomorrow evening. This is the fifth year AWiB – Association of Women in Business is honoring women from a number of arenas for excelling in fields that they are the exceptions, not the norm.

AU gets smart health center with Chinese support

Following the Memorandum-of-Understanding signed by China and the African Union to cooperate on ICT and digital transformation last year, a new state-of-the-art Smart Health Monitoring Room was inaugurated at the AU headquarters with the presence of high dignitaries on Thursday.