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Sandford school fee frustrates Ethiopian Diaspora parents

Parents of children of Ethiopian Diaspora at Sandford International School in the capital have complained to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over fees paid for students. The parents are complaining that they are being excluded from a lottery system that allows Ethiopians to enter the prestigious school based on a local rate.

Pageant held, stripped of ‘Miss Ethiopia’ tag

Latest pageant dubbed Miss SupraNational Ethiopia As Sheraton Addis hosted a beauty pageant last night, the high court at Lideta heard mere hours before the program commenced that the organizers cannot use the name ‘Miss Ethiopia’ to crown the victor.

USAID 60 mln program to improve lives in Ethiopia

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), CARE Ethiopia and Catholic Relief Services and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources launched a USD 60 million dollars program that will assist poor households in the rural highlands of Ethiopia

Executives of Chinese firm dismiss ill treatment claims

After a deadly fire claimed the lives of seven and injured many at the construction site of the 60,000-seat Adey Abeba Stadium, a contracted premises of the Chinese State Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC) in Ethiopia, executives of the company dispelled what they believe is unsubstantiated claims made about the treatment of the now deceased and rumors of ill treatment of the still injured.

Another Garbage slide kills one at Koshe

Six months after the garbage hill slide that occurred in Koshe Open Garbage Dumpsite in Addis Ababa and claimed the lives of 130 people, the site is reported to have witnessed another round of slide that claimed the life of one individual.

Gates Foundation pledges USD 500 mln to Ethiopia

Warns budget cuts could regress development gains Taking into consideration the challenges of implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and highlighting the prospects of the upcoming SDGs, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) revealed the commitment of USD half-a-billion for development projects in Ethiopia on Wednesday.

Former wife of late comedian passes

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help transport the remains of Saba Haile, the wife of the late comedian extraordinaire, Alebachew Teka, who died in 2005 in a car accident en route to Jimma.

Chinese donkey abattoir petitions PM’s office

The controversial Shandong Dong Group, a Chinese donkey abattoir, based in Bishoftu (DebreZeit) of Oromia Regional State, is awaiting a response to the compliant it lodged with the Office of the Prime Minister a couple of months ago with regard to what they claimed to be unfair closure of their donkey slaughterhouse.